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There are many charities in the UK whose sole purpose is to provide awareness and help with the implementation of plans to help improve the environment both locally and globally. One of the most prominent charities in the UK is the Global Action Plan. Formed in 1993, Global Action Plan has helped schools, businesses, communities and individuals lower their global footprint. The less impact we have on the Earth, the longer it will be around and the better the conditions will be for generations beyond our own. Unlike many charities, the Global Action Plan is supported by the United Nations and its Environment Programme.
There are many ways that Global Action Plan advises people and companies on the ways they can reduce their global footprint. From plans of action, to training businesses and its staff, there are so many cost-effective ways to change the way people operate and positively impact the local and global community.
An example of where Global Action Plan can impact a new or existing business is advising a company on economically friendly IT systems. Global Action Plan holds workshops where new and existing businesses can learn about the best ways to implement low impact yet efficient IT systems.
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Global Action Plan also has initiatives that include the young people of local communities and gives them the opportunities to speak their mind and have a say in the ways their communities can better impact the environment. Greenprint 2020 along with members of the Global Action Plan staff collaborates to create ideas and present them to local authorities to help create sustainable options for their communities.
Global Action Plan is one of many companies trying to improve our planet, and with the help of government support and support of the people, they will have continued success.

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